Author: kayleigh

Baking made easy

Nothing screams baking more than a pack of eggs. Eggs are in most recipes we use here at the bakery. I knew when I wanted to own my own bakery that I would need to learn the technique of cracking an egg with one hand. After hundreds of failed attempts and fishing egg shells out of mixtures I can confidently say I have mastered the technique. This is a prime example of continuing to work on something will increase your chances in perfecting it.

Christmas cooking

My absolute favourite treat during the cold months would have to be a slice of warmed up chocolate cake. Whether it is some fudge cake, or a double chocolate cake heated up in the oven before enjoying it with a lovely warm cup of tea.

So, if you have someone you like to treat or want to bring someone something nice for Christmas that they are guaranteed to enjoy, treat them to our selection of chocolate cakes