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Baking made easy!!

November 2022


Nothing screams baking more than an egg; eggs are in most recipes we use here at the bakery. I knew when I wanted to own my own bakery that I would need to learn the technique of cracking an egg with one hand. After hundreds of failed attempts and fishing out the shells of eggs I can confidently say I can now crack an egg with one hand.

Nuts, Kernels, Seeds – Bread With a Bite

September 2022

Keep it fresh!!

There is nothing better than walking into a bakery and smelling that fresh smell of just out of the oven bread. There’s no smell I love more in my house then freshly baked bread and I think most of you can agree with me on that.

It’s coming closer and closer to Christmas every day and we are longing for those cozy nights in by the fire watching out favorite Christmas movies, mine would have to be the Grinch.

I can’t wait to sit down in the evening after a long day of baking Christmas goodies and pop some butter on a fresh loaf, enjoying this truly wonderful time of the year!!

Christmas cooking

December 2022

A little Bit of Joy

My absolute favourite treat during the cold months would have to be a slice of warmed up chocolate cake. Whether it is some fudge cake, or a double chocolate cake heated up in the oven before enjoying it with a lovely cup of coffee they are sure to cheer me up on a day i am feeling down.

So, if you have someone you like to treat or want to bring someone something for after the Christmas dinner, treat them to some chocolate cake, everyone loves chocolate.

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